Five Determinations

【Nanban Egg】
Bunmeido main store uses eggs named Nanban Egg, which was developed in cooperation with our contracted farmer. The egg laid by chickens that was grown in a rich nature of Mt. Taratake mountain range and fed with natural feed, herb, pasture, and high quality corn gives rich flavor, scent, savor, and substance only available from fresh eggs, and the original golden color to Castilla.

【Starch Syrup from 100% glutinous rice】
We use specially selected starch syrup from the optimal glutinous rice produced in Japan. Starch syrup made only with natural ingredient gives moist consistency and rich flavor to Castilla.

【Granulated Sugar】
The unique characteristic of Nagasaki Castilla is that it has granulated sugar at the bottom. This granulated sugar gives unique flavor and consistency to Nagasaki Castilla.
At Bunmeido main store, we specially select the optimal size granulated sugar for the right crunch and consistency. The sugar may melt sooner depending on the temperature and humidity.

Flour contain carbohydrate, which provide energy, and protein, which build your body as well as vitamins and minerals.
Bunmeido main store selects flower that contains less gluten, which is optimal for Castilla and age it with our unique method.
Using the batter made with this flour and baking it will produce ideal finish and high quality melt-in-the mouth Castilla unique to Bunmeido main store.

【Traditional Method】
We have been making Castilla for about 100 years since our foundation and have maintained our unique traditional method that we reached after many years of practice.
The basic of Castilla making, the batter, mixing, popping the air, coloring, and baking are passed down from artisan to artisan.
The method passed down from artisan to artisan is the asset of Bunmeido main store and wish of making sweets that is loved by our customers.