Keeping the tradition since the foundation in 1900

Bunmeido was founded by Yasugoro Nakagawa, the first, in 1900. We have been working hard to improve the quality of our product by selecting our ingredient specially, studying the production method, and improving the service to aim for “making sweets that everyone enjoys” through the era of Meiji, Taisho, Showa, and Heisei for a few hundred years.
The main store of Bunmeido, we have been making CASTELLA(CASTILLA) in a traditional method by using specially selected ingredient such as “Nanban egg” developed for making CASTELLA(CASTILLA) at the main store of Bunmeido in Nagasaki.

Five determinations of Bunmeido main store

The artisans of Bunmeido main store have been maintaining and passing down the important ways of thinking and traditions from the past until now even when they faced difficult situations.
The ingredients used in making CASTELLA(CASTILLA) after long years of study at Bunmeido main store are very special to us.
The five determinations, Nanban egg, starch syrup from 100% glutinous rice, granulated sugar, flour, and traditional method, are maintained strictly without any compromise.

  1. Three taste of specially selected castella Three taste of specially selected castella
  2. Special Castella【in a wooden box】 Special Castella【in a wooden box】
  3. Castella Castella
  4. Castella Cut and Packaged Castella Cut and Packaged
  5. Momo Castella Momo Castella
  6. Mikasayama Mikasayama
  7. Castella Maki Castella Maki
  8. Lemon Cake Lemon Cake
  9. Awase Monaka Awase Monaka
  10. Yokan Yokan
  11. Kaientai Castella Kaientai Castella
  12. Sazaregiku Sazaregiku

After 100 years

At Bunmeido main store, the goal for all our staff is to make better sweets and safer sweets for our customers to enjoy. Please try the flavor that has been passed down from the will of our founder until today.